A network tailored to provide stable connectivity, high speed and ultra-scalability. All O2V2 infrastructure around the globe are located in state of the art datacenters, with an excellent product quality at affordable prices.

Our exclusive partnerships with industry leaders provide us access to one of the largest, state-of-the-art networks in the world. Incorporating 57 points of presence and 36 Internet Exchanges across the globe, that network delivers massive bandwidth capacity, blazing speed and unsurpassed connectivity for your workloads.

For your mission-critical applications, geographically separated core routers that are interconnected to worldwide data centers and, subsequently, to the Internet providing core uptime of 99.999% and a bandwidth capacity of 5.0 Tbps.

In Summary

No matter where your project is located, we are ready to serve your dedicated server, cloud or cdn requirements in minutes, powered by our state of the art infrastructure and server portfolio.

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