Our basic package includes 2 TB of data traffic, 2 GB of storage and up to 20 million HTTP calls.

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Get real usage statics

O2V2 CDN dashboard gives an excellent overview of all ongoing activities. The information is displayed in real-time, including file distribution breakdown, using intuitive user interface.

Easy Customisation

Provides exact solutions for your project with multiple security and customization options like URL Tag Validation, Content Expiration, HTTP Referral Restrictions, Custom Error Page Handling and Instant Purge of Single File and many more.

Pay as you go

Without long-term commitments, flexible monthly capacity and no setup fee our O2V2 CDN solution is the right solution for your instant website performance improvement requirements.

Global Network

Using TCP-anycast technology offers the minimum network hops and the fastest delivery performance. SuperPoPs dynamically pull and cache your content, then store it on one of many edge nodes for lightning-fast delivery the moment a user requests it.

Global Partners

Amazon Cloudfront

Instant Boost

Strategically placed SuperPoPs featuring the latest optimization techniques to deliver lightning-fast response times for streamed videos, downloads and applications. Specially optimized TCP stack and SSD infrastructure are the key factors that make our solution faster than others.


All O2V2 CDN Served content requests are always directed to the nearest active pop location. If one location is not available, requests are automatically directed to the next fastest pop available.


With multiple security features, we provide you get high security standards while maintaining the ultra-fast delivery speeds, using secure token, smart anti-hotlink protection get the best out of your CDN investment.

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